Edgar Wright‘s departure from Ant-Man last year came as a shock to fans that had followed the film’s development over the years. He’d been attached to write and direct the film since 2006, and continued to offer updates on the project consistently. Finally, the movie eventually received a release date in September of 2013.

And then all of that fell apart last May when Wright and Marvel parted ways.

After Wright left the project, Marvel scrambled to find a new director for a few weeks. They’d asked various directors, and for a brief moment, it almost seemed as though Adam McKay was set to direct the movie. Unfortunately, he had to turn down the offer, and Peyton Reed stepped in to helm the film, but he did end up doing a rewrite on the script along with Ant-Man star, Paul Rudd.

Since then, it has been unclear as to who would actually receive credit on the screenplay. Would Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, who helped Wright with the screenplay, still receive credit? Or would it all go to Rudd and McKay? Thanks to The Wrap, we now know the answer.

The “Ant-Man” screenplay will be credited to Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish and Adam McKay & Paul Rudd, while story credit has been assigned solely to Wright & Cornish.

While Wright and Marvel ultimately had different visions for “Ant-Man,” the film still features much of the work he did, as Reed used the storyboards that were created under Wright’s watch. Those involved in the Writers Guild arbitration clearly felt the same way, giving Wright and Cornish sole story credit for laying the foundation of the comic book.

None of this is too surprising, but it’s nice to see Wright and Cornish receive full story credit. This should help to ease the fears of fans that were worried Wright’s work would be lost.

Ant-Man is set to hit theaters on July 17th, 2015.


Source: The Wrap.