Now that Avengers: Age of Ultron is out in theaters and breaking box office records, Marvel has started to promote their next film, Ant-Man, which features the smallest Avenger. Today on Twitter, Marvel unveiled another new poster for Ant-Man, which is much more original than the last poster they released.

There are a few notable changes to this poster as opposed to ones in the past. First off, at the top of the poster it reads “From the studio that brought you The Avengers.” In the previous poster, Marvel highlighted that the movie came “From the studio that brought you Guardians of the Galaxy.” Based off of everything Marvel has shown and interviews that the cast has done, the movie sounds to be more similar to Guardians of the Galaxy as opposed to The Avengers.

Marvel used a unique method to unveil the new poster by using a series of links on Twitter that chronicle the story of Ant-Man. Marvel will likely start to push more publicity for Ant-Man as we near the July 17 release date. It is doubtful that we get another trailer at this point but given how many TV spots Marvel rolled out for Avengers: Age of Ultron, we have to think that they will do the same for a lesser known movie.

Source: Marvel