Since his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2014, Anthony Mackie has been one of the characters we’ve seen the most of. And his role in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War should be his biggest one yet. He got his own character poster yesterday, and later in the day, an interview including him was released.

ScreenRant was one of the many sites able to visit the set during filming and got a chance to talk to Mackie about the movie and his role in it. As we see more of the character, we will be learning about how he feels about being an Avenger now.

Definitely. I think the Russos and everybody are very specific about The Falcon’s story-line and how he feels about Steve and the rest of The Avengers. The idea of him becoming an Avenger is pretty cool. He’s pretty excited about it. We definitely get an element of that in the film.

These New Avengers that Falcon is a part of are full of inexperienced heroes. Even though they are not as tested as the previous installment, Cap is not making this a one man show.

It’s really cool. With being an Avenger there’s not really a hierarchy. Everybody gets to make decisions, everybody’s put in a position to save the day as opposed to standing there while one person flies in and saves the day and you’re like, “Good job!” Avengers is really a team effort.

Falcon quickly became close with Cap, which should make for an interesting dynamic when Bucky returns. However it plays out, there is more respect and less of a teacher/apprentice relationship in Civil War.

I think their relationship carries over from when I was introduced in Cap 2 and you saw a little bit of in Avengers. There’s definitely a confidence and respect with the two of them. You get to see more of that. I think our relationship is more of mano a mano as opposed to mano and friend. It’s not so much that it’s challenged, just made stronger.

So far, we have primarily seen Falcon interact with Cap, and a few instances with Black Widow and Ant-Man. This time around, Mackie is very excited to continue exploring the relationship with Black Widow specifically.

In this movie I get to interact with everybody as opposed to just interacting with Cap. I get to continue my (un)dying love affair with Black Widow, which is good. I think more so in this one that I didn’t get to do before is become my own person. Now everyone knows who I am, so it’s not “Who’s the flying guy?” It’s more, “Hey, Falcon’s here.” You get to see my relationship with everyone else has grown as opposed to being the new guy on the team.

As he interacts with more people, Falcon’s quipy nature is sure to pop up. Who does Mackie enjoy making jokes about?

Vision is by far the easiest person to make fun of. He’s always a good target. Vision is definitely my one guy because he’s easy to make fun of. And Tony Stark.

On a more serious note, it has been no surprise to see Falcon choose to side with Cap in this battle. Interestingly enough, Mackie doesn’t view it as choosing sides but instead in more of a passive approach.

I think the conflict is more so between them. I don’t think anyone else chooses sides. I think we’re all on Steve and Tony’s side. The conflict is more with them and we step back and watch it unfold.

Mackie has previously stated he has no desire for a Falcon movie, but rumors have circulated that he could be up for a bigger role moving forward. If the opportunity presented itself, would he be interested in dawning the shield just as Sam Wilson does in the comics?

I definitely see him as Cap. I mean, I have the comic books. It’s more… I really enjoy coming to work with the people I work with and I’d rather be in a great movie with a bunch of cool people than a standalone superhero movie with just me standing there looking like a fucking idiot.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Source: ScreenRant.