Back in 2014, we got our first introduction to Anthony Mackie as Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He quickly established himself as a fan favorite and has appeared in every Marvel movie since, excluding Guardians of the Galaxy. Falcon has become a member of the New Avengers and gone toe to toe with Ant-Man, who can next be seen in May’s Captain America: Civil War.

Falcon will also be in the middle of the conflict and, unsurprisingly, sides with his close friend Cap. This movie should feature a more prominent role for him, after cameos in the last few movies, and he has been shown quite a bit in the trailers. When Mackie spoke to HeyUGuys, he gave his thoughts on the trailer and more.

A lot of flying and ass kicking. I think the trailer for Civil War, the first one was so great because it lets you know when I ask Cap what we’re doing, he says “Fight.” That’s what lets you know what’s going on in the second half of that movie.

Marvel has been adding big names to the MCU recently, with it seeming like you have to have an Oscar nomination on your resume to be considered at this point. No matter how big the name, or the ego, Mackie thinks people are happy to join the universe to work with other talented ensembles, and not worried about getting their own films.

There’s a mutual respect and appreciation whenever somebody is introduced into the Marvel Universe and to the Marvel family. The great thing about it is no one in the Marvel Universe does the movies for the opportunity of having a spin-off or their own movie. They do it because we really enjoy and like these characters and love the solidarity of the group and the team. It’s fun. It’s fun to see where Falcon started when the first meeting I had with Marvel to where the Falcon is now.

These movies are getting to the point where the actors have often been involved in the MCU longer than the directors. Chris Evans has even started going behind the camera and knows a lot about the process of making a movie and the character of Captain America. Mackie says that the Russo brothers are very open to the actors involved giving their opinions on what should happen.

Fortunately the Russo Brothers are very open to actors giving them feedback and input, because we play the characters. Chris Evans has been playing Cap for a long time, so he knows Cap extremely well. So a lot of times, they write the first draft of the script, send it to Chris, see what he thinks, and then from that they develop and build the character film by film.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Source: HeyUGuys.