Last week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. showed us the gambling planet of Kitson. Fitz and Enoch got into some gambling troubles while Simmons and Daisy accidentally ended up high up on space food. Want to find out more, be sure to check out our review of the episode here. Little did we know, that planet is actually named after someone, as we will be introduced to Mr. Kitson in an upcoming, who is played by Anthony Michael Hall.

The former War Machine and The Breakfast Club actor had been officially cast back in January. Finally, we find out who he is playing as he is the ruler of the gambling empire that Enoch and Fitz cheated their way out of. While Fitz has been kidnapped, this might not bode well for Enoch who will have to face the fiendish ruler. He isn’t the only character that got confirmed by TVLine, as we get to meet a new member of the Chronicom race. Sherri Saum, who is known for The Fosters, will be playing Atarah. She is described as an aggressive Chronicom, which fits the tease of some more violent members of Enoch’s race. Alongside the reveal, we also got our first look at both actors in the upcoming SHIELD episode.

It will be interesting to see if both characters will only appear in one episode or we might spend more time on Kitson with the team. We still have the rest of our SHIELD team back on earth trying to take down the Coulson look-a-like Sarge, who was noticeably absent in the last episode. The season may take a short detour to bring the team together by the mid-season point to face Sarge’s potential world-ending plan. Just imagine Daisy’s reaction when facing a man with Coulson’s face that is killing off people without much remorse.

Are you excited to see Sherri Saum and Anthony Michael Hall in SHIELD?

Source: TVLine