After countless massive announcements from this summer concerning Marvel’s Phase 4 slate on the big screen and Disney+, fans have still had one burning question: where in the world is Ant-Man!? You know, only the guy who helped formulate the idea to save half of all life in the universe in Avengers: Endgame? There has been at least confirmation, if not more, of 7 new MCU movies and 7 shows premiering across various media platforms over the next 2 years, but not one of them has included our favorite miniature hero.

Thankfully, a new revelation from our dear friend Charles Murphy earlier today gives us some insight into this! As recently as 2 weeks ago, we have learned Marvel Studios have decided to move forward with the third Ant-Man film under the business name Pym Particles Production III LLC, and is expected to begin filming in the summer of 2021!

This is exciting news for all Ant-Man fans considering his pivotal role in the highest-grossing movie of all time and not having so much about a rumor about the completion of his solo trilogy until now. While Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp may not have been world-beaters at the box office (a respectable $1.14 billion combined), Scott Lang, Hope Van Dyne and the crew have become an integral part of MCU lore, and rightfully so considering their status in the comics as 2 of the original Avengers. Their two solo adventures were great follow-up films coming after Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Infinity War respectively, giving the fans a lot of fun and a couple of solid heist films after the Earth-shattering consequences laid down by Ultron and Thanos.

We still have to wait and see whether the movie is a part of Phase 4 or 5, and we shouldn’t expect a release before 2022, but none of us can wait to see Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly suiting up again (hopefully assisted by Michael Pena‘s impeccable storytelling.)

Source: Twitter