Crazy to believe that it’s been more than two months since Scott Lang and Jimmy Woo almost went on that dinner date. Some good things have happened to Ant-Man & the Wasp since then. It was revealed just a few days ago that the film finally cracked the $600M mark (already $100M more than its predecessor), with some saying that $650M onwards is a strong possibility given that the film will likely be in theaters until December. Today, Marvel revealed the home release date for both the Digital HD and Blu-Ray edition: October 2 and 16 respectively.

We’re still in the dark what special features to officially expect. Apart from the run-of-the-mill mini-documentaries about the making of the film, we’re hoping to see some deleted scenes featuring Quantum Realm. A chunk of Janet’s backstory in the Quantum Realm seems to have been cut completely from the film and there’s a ton of concept art out there depicting what could have been Janet van Dyne’s life in the minuscule world. And with Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 as the next MCU films on the horizon, I’m betting that a featurette teasing the two will be included in the Blu-Ray. Cannot wait!

Source: Marvel