Ant-Man may not be an A-list character in the comics nor a bestseller on the shelves but despite that, the character manages to have a roster of the kookiest of characters. And the MCU seems to be keen on making the most of out of that. Case in point, Elihas Starr, who in the comics is ridiculously campy villain Egghead, is set to make an appearance in next month’s Ant-Man & the Wasp, according to the full cast list of the film. The character will be played by one Michael Cerveris, most known for his colorful stint on Broadway. This very bit of casting was predicted by our very own Charles Murphy last November when we saw a casting for Cerveris on IMDB.

While most villains have a cool backstory or costume to go along with their codename, Elihas Starr’s codename is derived from his abnormally shaped bald head. That’s all there is to his character. It’s Silver Age pulp silliness at its finest and a perfect fit for a franchise like Ant-Man & the Wasp. I’m all for them introducing characters on par with Egghead in this film. Producer Stephen Broussard briefly talked about some of the film’s antagonists during the press set visit, mentioning how the antagonists in the film won’t necessarily be super villain big bads but mere obstacles along the way. I reckon Egghead will be one of them. Let’s hope that he gets a chance to show up again down the line.

Source: Twitter