Last week was a big deal for Ant-Man & the Wasp news as Marvel officially marked the film commencing production by releasing a behind-the-scenes teaser. It was really nothing when you get down to it but it nonetheless was a fun reminder of how things were kicking off the for the much-awaited sequel to Luis’ standalone epic. Things continue to bode well for production as more interesting details about the production surface online; the folks over at Omega Underground have stumbled upon a peculiar casting breakdown for the film, looking for prisoner-type and prison-guard extras.

-Males (25-49)
-Tough, rough convict look.
-Tattoos are fine but need clearance.
-All Ethnicities

-Males (30-49)
-All Ethnicities

Omega Underground reckons that it could the casting could potentially be for a sequence set in the Raft, the superprison Captain America’s team was held in Captain America: Civil War, which we find unlikely considering it was never specified that the Raft already housed supercriminals prior to Cap’s team. But hey, you never know. If you ask us, it’s for something related to Scott Lang’s time in prison from the first film. Ant-Man’s specialty is breaking things/stuff out of containment, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he happens to stumble upon a situation where has to return to prison here. Regardless of what the extras are for, we cannot wait to see what shenanigans Scott Lang and his crew will be up to.

Semi-related cool Ant-Man news: a fan on the Atlanta set got to take a picture of what looks to be a brand new van for the Three Wombats. It’s not the Batmobile but it sure is a step from their old vehicle.

The Ant-Man vehicle is a lot more beefy now.

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And if you’re looking to read a pretty cool set in the Raft, we highly recommend that you check out the first volume of Brian Michael Bendis‘ New Avengers run, that saw Spider-Man, Wolverine and Luke Cage join the Avengers.

What do you think of the extras are for? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Omega Underground

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