Here’s an Avenger we haven’t seen on set yet! Following last week’s crazy exciting Avengers: Infinity War set photos featuring Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Hulk, and Wong, we finally have a first look at Scott Lang on the set of the cosmic saga. The images come courtesy of Just Jared. Check them out below!

The images aren’t mindblowing but they do give us a glimpse of what could be Scott Lang’s location and reaction when Thanos and his squad does inevitably arrive on Earth. Also, it’s just great seeing more of the Avengers cast show up. We don’t know how exactly Lang comes into play in this larger-than-life story (or how he gets returns to his old life after escaping the Raft for that matter) but we could totally see a situation where he gets inspired to join the fight against Thanos after seeing the Mad Titan cop a Mango Fruit Blast from Baskin-Robbins without his boss’ permission.

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Source: Just Jared