It is not uncommon for signature Hollywood directors and writers to be linked with superhero movies and TV shows, and while the rumors are usually true, it rarely ever actually does work out. Even when it does, some of the projects seem to be on a perpetual limbo of the to-do list of these directors and writers. Think about John Ridley‘s Marvel show, for example.

This is not the first time that Training Day director Antoine Fuqua is linked to a superhero property. Earlier on, his name was tied to a possible Morbius movie, another one of Sony’s Spider-Man spinoffs that may or may not be part of the MCU one day, about which rumors have been piling up in the last year. Back then, Fuqua did seem interested in taking the helm of a superhero property and now he’s just confirmed that talks with Marvel have been indeed happening with our lord and savior Kevin Feige himself.

Sony asked me to do Morbius. I’m going to have a meeting with Kevin [Feige] soon…Just talking.

That is not a confirmation of any kind, but it sure is interesting to think about what Feige could have in mind while meeting with renowned directors such as Fuqua. Is he helping Sony and Amy Pascal get the talent needed for Morbius, or is he doing it for a Marvel Studios project he’s about to produce? We probably won’t know for a while, even if the negotiations do work out.

Source: HeyUGuys