One great aspect of the Marvel Studios films is seeing characters and designs being translated from comics to the silver screen. It takes a lot of time and effort to get the designs just right. Fans that want to get a glimpse at all the different designs and ideas that go into these films can purchase the various “Art of” books for each film. It is a great bonus for fans of the franchise to see how different the designs could have been. The next in line is Thor: Ragnarok and artist Andy Park took to Twitter to reveal the cover art for the upcoming book.

His artwork never disappoints. The cover offers a great look at all the main players that are involved in the film, even Miek and Korg get some time to shine here. Hela is at the forefront of the cover, which makes sense given how much hype the trailers have been building up about what could be Marvel Studios’ best villain. We also get a small tease at the Fenrir Wolf standing next to Skurge wielding the two machine guns we already saw in a short shot from the trailer. In the background, we also get a good glimpse at Heimdall. Outside of a few short sequences, we know little to nothing of what exactly his role will be in the film. One last great little nod is the glowing eyes of Surtur in the background, as Asgard and even Hela are covered in flames. Perhaps this teases the strong link between these two villains?

Will you buy the Art of Thor: Ragnarok book? What do you think of the cover?