Early this morning, news broke that Marvel Studios was releasing a new documentary series on Disney+ akin to their highly successful The Gallery series focusing on The Mandalorian. ]Originally scooped by our friend Charles Murphy last year,](https://www.murphysmultiverse.com/wandavision-bts-the-gallery-mandalorian/) this series will give a look into the world of making Marvel movies and their Disney+ counterparts. This will add a structural approach to understanding what goes into making an MCU movie and the incredible world-building that goes behind it. Fans usually receive these types of bonus features with the digital release of Marvel movies.

The first episode of ASSEMBLED will be centered around the making of WandaVision. It will release on March 12th, a week after WandaVision‘s 9th episode will be released. Fan anticipation over this series builds every week. it is not crazy to say that many fans would love a look into the behind-the-scenes process of making WandaVision. This documentary series may release after every Disney+ series airs the last episode. We can see this is the case with WandaVision. This release will fill in the gap between the release of WandaVision release of March 5th and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s initial episode release on March 19th.

This means that Marvel fans will have endless content! This is an exciting time to be keeping up with the MCU as in 2020 we did not receive any series or movies. However, 2021 is amping up to the best year Marvel’s had so far.  Marvel Studios’ ASSEMBLED will be available to stream on Friday, March 12th. The documentary series entitled Assembling A Universe is available for streaming on Disney+ and is likely a good reference point for what a MCU behind-the-scenes look will entail.