Cloak and Dagger‘s production is underway for its 2018 release date, which still has not been revealed. The pilot has been filmed and there are rumors that it may already have been renewed for a second season (though we think this was just a misinterpretation of their plans to film the rest of season one). We received a trailer back in April for the upcoming project, but that has been the last real update on the show. Luckily, actor Aubrey Joseph has offered a small glimpse at him playing Tyrone Johnson, also known as Cloak. The actor published two set photos on Instagram.

Going by these pictures, we can assume that this was taken during the filming of the pilot episode. Looking back at the trailer, we see the actor on top of a building with a black cloak surrounding him. In the trailer it looked like it was given some effects to make it look more “alive”, which could be a parallel to the comics, as he is standing next to a returning element of the MCU, a Roxxon sign. The major question that remains is how in the world he managed to land on the roof, as going by the trailer he is just as confused as the audience.

Going by his powers in the comics, it would make sense for Cloak to accidentally teleport with the use of his new powers. The trailer also gave us a brief look at a surprised Dagger when she realized that she possesses her abilities, which likely plays an integral role in the first season. The show may take a closer approach to a Netflix series going by the darker tone, but offers more of a teenage angst story-line. We have heard nothing official about the villain of the series, but when it finally arrives on Hulu, we could see the two face Simon Marshall from the comics, who was an infamous drug lord. Taking the darker direction, it would make sense that they start working together to get rid of the drugs spreading throughout New Orleans. At this point though, it is nothing but speculation and the show can potentially go into any direction.

What else are you hoping to see in Cloak and Dagger, when it premieres on Hulu in 2018? Let us know, in the comments!