A lot of the focus is set on the Royal Family for the upcoming Inhumans project, as the various family members make up most of the show’s cast.  Yet there are some supporting characters that have yet to truly be explored or given the proper amount of spotlight.  One of them is the head of Attilan’s Royal Guard, who is being played by Soul Surfer’s Sony Balmores. In an interview on the set in Hawaii, the actress did offer some insight into the role her character will play throughout the show.

“I liken Auran’s job [as the Royal Guard] to the secret service. I work very closely with the king and queen. Even though they’re super dangerous because of their powers, I’m kind of like their eyes and ears so I get to see a lot. I’m not part of the family but I get to be the fly on the wall so I know a lot. I have a lot of intelligence along with a lot of secrets. I’m trusted in a way where I can be in a room with the Royal Family.”

It does sound quite interesting and fans of House of Cards might see some resemblance between her explanation of the relationship between the guard and the ones she is protecting.  On the first glance, it seems quite similar to the dynamic between Meechum and the Underwoods, and while it may not go as far as that one did it most certainly could be an interesting way to give an outsider’s look into Medusa and Black Bolt’s relationship.

One thing that may be interesting about her character is she may know some interesting secrets.  Given the trailer reveals a rather early betrayal by Maximus, it would not be too surprising that she could try to warn the Royal Family in some way.  We may see her try to help them find their way back home while hiding from the dangerous younger brother of Black Bolt. Could we maybe even see a small revolution that wants their rightful king back on the throne?

What are your thoughts on it? What role do you think Auran will have throughout the show?