The time has finally come. Avengers: Infinity War has been quite a beast at the Box Office. It had the largest opening worldwide of all time with $630 million. Domestically it surpassed Star Wars: The Force Awakens record with $257 million. The film was nowhere done drawing in new records. Shortly after, it was the first film to pass the $1 billion mark after just ten days. It’s already mid-June but the film is still holding strong in the theatres and has now finally passed the $2 billion mark. It now has surpassed Jurassic World‘s worldwide gross and stands firm as the fourth highest-grossing film of all time.

It is unsure how close it will get to surpassing the third highest film as The Force Awakens still stands strong at $2.068 billion worldwide. Its domestic income stands at $654 million and is now on the fifth spot of highest domestic grosses. Black Panther is still ahead with $699 million on the third spot and it will be interesting to see if Infinity War will get close to Marvel Studios’ February Blockbuster. It is quite a successful year for the once small studio who still got Ant-Man and the Wasp to round out the year.

How much do you think the film will make?

Source: BoxOfficeMojo (Domestic), BoxOfficeMojo (International)

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