So uhhh… we kinda went way ahead of ourselves with that last Avengers 4 alternate-timeline article. Turns out that it may not be the crazy alternate MCU timeline we were hoping for, as new evidence suggest a totally different reason behind all these throwback Thorsday costumes. Atlanta Filming, the photographer responsible for those previous photos and for every other Avengers set photo out there, took to Twitter to post an image of this peculiar prop on set.

Fans of the MCU know that Binary Augmented Retro Framing – BARF for short – was the revolutionary tech Tony Star presented to a room full of MIT students at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War. Designed a therapeutic tool, it seems to serve a completely different purpose this time around. There doesn’t seem to be anything therapeutic about the chaotic events of the Avengers, let alone Tony’s near death experience. Or maybe there is. Who knows?

In addition to those earlier photos, some new ones featuring Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., and a Loki stand-in have just surfaced pretty much confirming these flashbacks to the events of Avengers. Check them out!

We dun goofed ourselves and everyone, ya’ll! Sorry for the earlier confusion.

Source: Just Jared

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