The title for the Avengers: Infinity War follow-up may still be a mystery to us after all these months but that isn’t stopping insiders with access to Avengers 4 goodies from leaking them. After seeing several promo images of the full team in the past few months, we now have a new look at Captain America’s iconic scale armor for the film, albeit in low resolution.

Even though it took us 10 years and 20 films to get to Cap’s iconic scale mail look, it’s incredibly exciting to see it in live action. I reckon that the scales will have a utilitarian purpose to them, as with all of the Russo’s design choices. Maybe an Infinity Stone blast-resistant quality to it. An improvement that allows them to face Thanos better now that they’ve experienced his strength. One thing that should be noted is that Cap finally has the Avengers logo again. Fans who delve deep into MCU concept art know that the scale armor was originally going to make its debut in Captain America: Civil War where leaked promo art for the film revealed it. If there was any doubt to the Avengers 4 team photo that leaked, these images of Chris Evans in the actual scale armor should confirm that it’ll be in the film.

Source: Twitter