The iconic relationship of Scarlet Witch and Vision in the comics was always something I thought was too ridiculous for the MCU. Sorceress gets kinky with a robot? TF outta here! But then the Russos pulled it off beautifully with so much nuance and depth in Captain America: Civil War that the progression of their relationship is one of the main things I’m looking forward to in the next two Avengers films. We’ve seen bits and pieces of Wanda and Vision getting intimate in those old set photos from Edinburgh and now, a new casting call could potentially mean larger things for the odd couple.

So twins. Deep cut fans of Avengers lore know that once upon a time, the Scarlet Witch and Vision gave birth to twin boys. Turns out, Scarlet Witch did some crazy magic stuff to bring these boys to “life”, upsetting the magical order of things. So the Avengers did what they had to do and reversed everything, letting Wanda forget it ever happened. Of course, she eventually found out, created an alternate timeline that we know as the House of M, and eradicated most of mutantkind in the process. What she didn’t know was that twins she magically created back then that the Avengers took from her were reincarnated in the real world as real people. These kids grew up to be the Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed. Could this casting call pertain to these kids?

Logistically, it’s near impossible to tell. For all we know, this could be just a random extra that they need the 2nd unit to film. But contextually, the Avengers 4 production looking for twins that can stand-in as Wanda’s kids sort of makes sense. Avengers 4 is such a huge question mark (they can’t even reveal the title because of how spoilery it would be) without any definite trajectory that it could about anything at this point. Why else would the production specifically need male identical twin babies? Why are we still discrediting the alternate timeline theory?!

Source: Auditions Free via SuperBroMovies

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