Filming overseas in visually distinct parts of the world isn’t new to the MCU. Parts of Avengers: Age of Ultron were filmed in Italy. Black Panther rocked the streets the streets of Busan, South Korea several months ago. And fairly recently, several key scenes for Avengers: Infinity War were filmed in Old Town Edinburgh, Scotland. Up next on that list is Avengers 4. Several weeks ago, a report surfaced saying that the production of the yet-to-be-titled Avengers 4 was on the lookout for Yakuza-type extras and would be moving to Tokyo to film what we assume to be dope action sequences. And while the production as yet to set foot in Tokyo, some new set photos have surfaced online courtesy of the very reliable set photographer Atlanta Filming, givings us an idea on what that Tokyo sequence could look like. Check it out!

That’s one beautiful looking set. Tokyo has always been a visual hub for all things neon and colorful. It’s one of the world’s most aesthetically recognizable cities. The MCU’s very own Scarlet Johansson recently had a film set in it – Ghost in the Shell, which did a great job highlighting the beauty of the colorfully chaotic streets of Tokyo, despite the film being a steaming hot pile of crap.

There’s practically nothing known at what they plan on filming in the streets of Tokyo or why a part of the Infinity War follow-up is being set in the land of the rising sun. We made a joke on Facebook weeks back saying that the Hand would be cameoing in the film, with all those Yakuza casting calls surfacing. Maybe Avengers 4 is secretly an adaptation of that New Avengers arc that saw the team head to Japan to apprehend Madame Hydra. Maybe the remaining Infinity Stone is located below Shibuya Crossing. We won’t know for sure until some stars hit that set so stay tuned in the next couple of weeks here!

What the hell are they up to in the streets of Tokyo? What reasons can you think of? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Atlanta Filming

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