The internet was set ablaze when the first promo art for Avengers 4 surfaced online several weeks ago. Many were understandably skeptical of the image because of how astonishing the image was but it was soon revealed that the image was indeed legit. Now, some new promo art has surfaced online giving us an up-close look at some of the characters featured in the previous image as well as some different looks for Captain Marvel.

So the biggest standouts in this image for me are Captain Marvel and War Machine. The image gives us a new look at Carol’s energy powers, her iconic red and blue suit, and what the new War Machine armor looks like up close. Rhodey’s armor still remains robust and heavy-duty as always while resembling a Gundam mobile suit. We also get a clearer look at Hawkeye’s gold-plated ronin uniform (no katanas in sight yet so I hope he ends up having one in the film) and Bruce Banner’s new spandex suit for the Hulk.

Source: Twitter