The lack of any official Avengers 4 information out there has driven some sneaky pirates to do some of their own revealings. Leaks have been prevalent for months and today is no exception. An image of upcoming Avengers 4 merchandise has surfaced online, revealing matching specialized white suits for the team, which now officially includes Rocket Raccoon.

Wow. While we were looking forward to seeing all their new updated costumes, we certainly weren’t expecting them to wear matching ones. Looking at the tiny image Captain America at the bottom right, you’ll see that he has a suit too. At a glance, it reminds us the Future Foundation suits in the comics. If we had to guess, these are containment suits the remaining Avengers have to wear when they inevitably traverse quantum time and space to defeat Thanos. Overall, it’s a good look and paints a picture of what crazy shenanigans the team will be up to this time around.

Source: Reddit