Finally, we are getting some more news on Avengers 4. About a week ago we got the reveal of what looked like unique Avengers-themed white suits for Thor and Rocket. It seemed like these were uniforms created for some kind of trip may it be into space or perhaps even through the Quantum Realm. It seems like these weren’t the only toys to be leaked, as another shot featuring concept art of those two toys has leaked alongside with some additional interesting characters. Looking closely we can see Captain America wearing the white uniform next to Captain Marvel. These two were shown on the package from the original leak so it could confirm that this leaked concept art is actually real. There are some interesting highlights on here, as we see Thanos with his sword from the leaked concept art, a figure that seems to resemble Ebony Maw and maybe even Cull Obsidian. Right next to Iron Man we also see what seems to be a blue or purple Iron Man armor. This may finally confirm that Pepper Potts will get her own armor in Avengers 4 and appear as Rescue. The blue-purple suit resembles her appearance in the animated series Iron Man: Armored Adventures. Moreover, almost a year ago there was a short shot of Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a Mo-Cap suit on the set of the upcoming Avengers film. This is also not the first time she got to use an Iron Man suit, as Tony forced a suit to shape around her and save her from falling debris in Iron Man 3. It also feels like a nice arc from the short moment when she mentioned that Tony still cannot let go of the suit even after destroying them in his last solo outing.

Did you notice anything else in the leaked concept art? Are you excited to see Rescue?

Source: We Got This Covered

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