Amidst the immense hype for Avengers: Infinity War, it’s easy to overlook that the next Avengers installment is right around the corner. Next year comes the film to booked this massive three-phase journey, Avengers 4, and with it comes the question: is this the end for all the MCU stars as we know them? For some, it might be. In an interview with Chris Evans by the New York Times, they revealed that in the fall reshoots for Avengers 4 officially begin, which may very well be the last time Evans suits up in the star-spangled costume for the Marvel Studios family.

Last year, he filmed back-to-back the final two Marvel movies for which he is under contract — “Avengers: Infinity War,” due in April, and a sequel planned for next year. For now, he has no plans to return to the franchise (“You want to get off the train before they push you off,” he said), and expects that planned reshoots in the fall will mark the end of his tenure in the familiar red, white and blue super suit.

If *Avengers 4 and its reshoots are indeed Evans’ last time wielding the shield, it’ll be a sad day. Captain America’s trajectory from tertiary Avengers (he’s all the way in the back of the first Avengers poster. An unimaginable thing in the MCU’s current state) to the most important MCU character next to Iron Man is truly amazing. And a big reason is the charm and the heartfelt sincerity Evans brings to Steve Rogers. The future shape of the MCU is uncertain at this point and Evans’ supposed departure isn’t going to make it any better. But with the eventual return of the Fantastic Four and X-Men along with Marvel’s streak of quality content, there’s a lot of reason for Chris to stay.

Source: NY Times