Some pretty cool Avengers 4 news coming your way in this period of Captain Marvel and Iron Fist Season 2 buzz. Early this year, we heard that Avengers 4 was to begin reshoots in the summer of this year and would last until September. Now, some photos from those reshoots have surfaced and they feature Captain America, Ant-Man, and Black Widow.

We’re not allowed to host photos without getting fined so we’ll link them to you instead.

The scene at hand was reported to be set in a diner with the three Avengers all in their civilian garb. We can only presume that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are attempting to dine incognito as they plan their next move against the purple dude with a nutsack chin. The photos give us a close-up look at the new hairstyles Captain America and Black Widow are sporting, first seen in the leaked concept art from a few months back. One interesting tidbit to note is that the reshoots are going to be the last time Chris Evans gets to play Steve Rogers since they mark the end of the actor’s almost decade-long contract.

Source: Just Jared