Several weeks ago, a report surfaced online revealing that the production for the yet-to-be titled fourth Avengers film would be heading to Japan to film some key scenes there. This report was then verified when the Marvel Studios Atlanta set was being dressed to look like a lovely colorful neon streets of Japan. Now, it appears that not only will the Avengers 4 squad film in Tokyo, they’ll be returning to the beautiful region of Scotland in 2018 as well, thanks to a scoop by the UK’s Daily Record.

Scotland has been a home of sorts for the Avengers: Infinity War production crew in the past couple of months now, having shot several key scenes there for the much-awaited Thanos vs. Luis biopic. We all saw Scarlet Witch and Vision get their asses whopped and read reports of Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie arriving on set for weeks on out. The famed Durham Cathedral was also used prominently in the shoot, in a scene that we think will feature Valhalla. Scotland is clearly very important to Feige and the Russos’ vision.

According to the Daily Record, the Avengers 4 production isn’t expected to return until July of next year, after the dust for Avengers: Infinity War settles. We all knew how long this shoot was going to be (they were originally slated to shoot the films simultaneously but decided otherwise to avoid the insurmountable logistical troubles with that approach) and the fact that they’ll still be shooting key footage come July of next year is a striking look at the totality of this massive undertaking. We can only hope that it all pays off when we get to 2018 and 2019 for these two films.

Source: Daily Record

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