Many people have been wondering for quite some time what the title for Avengers 4 might be. Some wondered if it would have its origins from comics, such as Infinity Gauntlet to tie in with the third film’s title or even Dissasembled. We still have yet to truly find out what the title will be but it seems that cinematographer Trent Opaloch may have accidentally leaked the title for the upcoming film. It seems that the fourth Avengers film may hold the title Avengers: End Game.

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End Game is an interesting choice. There is no real connection to the comics but it makes sense given what Doctor Strange says after giving up the Time Stone. This act by him would open up the path to actually defeating Thanos but at a cost. The fourth film will explore the final showdown with Thanos to hopefully bring back those that have been lost. We also know that many actors are facing their end as part of the MCU. Contracts are coming to an end so the title being End Game gives it a double meaning. This is still not confirmed and they could change the title at any time. There may be a change before we get our look at the first trailer but this subtitle makes sense.

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