While Chris Evans partied in Edinburgh, his fellow Avengers actors were sneaking into Scotland for their portion of the latest shoot.

There have been several secretive overnight shoots in Waverly Station, Cockburn Station and the Royal Mile, which have included Evans. In addition, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Mackie. Actors Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen joined in the overnight filming. Key scenes were supervised by the Russo brothers, who flew in last week as well. Mark Ruffalo also joined them, though he is keeping a decidedly low profile.

Anthony Mackie recently departed Edinburgh, as announced by his Twitter post, and it is believed that Olsen and Bettany have also departed Scotland for the next filming location in England.

Many of the actors descended on the small border town of St. Abbs, which was on lockdown while Johansson, Ruffalo and Hemsworth filmed daytime scenes. Ruffalo and Hemsworth also delighted nearby fans by stopping to sign autographs and take photos after returning to their hotel in Edinburgh after filming.  Johansson slipped past the waiting cameras once again.

The only part of the set which was visible, since the only road in and out of the village was blocked for filming, was a fake pub called the Cormorantatun. Also on the set in Edinburgh, we have seen a 40-foot tall green screen inside the train station and a fake kebab shop. Filming has also been done inside the incredible St. Giles Cathedral on the High Street. Massive explosions have also been seen on the High Street, as well as pulse-quickening wire stunts.

Crews have also been reported in Inverness, shooting exterior shots. St. Abbs is expected to be the last Scottish filming location before production moves on to England. Durham Cathedral is suspected to double for a location in Edinburgh, and the arrival of many curious props seem to hint at the arrival of Bennedict Cumberpatch’s Dr. Strange.

The $500 million production is slated to bring an estimated $12 million to the local Scottish economy during its 6 week filming schedule there. Director Joe Russo said:

“When Edinburgh came up as a location option we jumped at the chance. The city is such a unique and iconic location, but one never seen as the backdrop for a big action film, which is incredibly exciting.”

Avengers: Infinity War practically hits theaters a year from now so if you still aren’t excited by any of this, you should feel bad. Stay tuned for more news concerning all things related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Source: Daily Record