Avengers: Endgame has only just released and it is already making waves online. In just one day of its release, the film has smashed overseas records as it opened on Wednesday with $169 million. This includes a massive start in China with $107.2 million. It has now broken most single day records throughout the 25 markets it was released in. Now, the worldwide projection has skyrocketed towards a potential $900 to $950 million opening weekend. Variety is still remaining on the conservative $800 million estimates but it’s upcoming U.S. release will be telling of how far the film will go.

China’s numbers are quite showing of the blockbuster’s current hold on cinema this week. It is the second-biggest single day after Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ $119 million. It highlights the power of nostalgia that Disney currently is wielding. The Thursday numbers for China also added another $47.6 million, which puts it at an amazing pace to potentially make more than $300 million in China alone. The biggest question remains if the film will also be able to break the Friday opening day record that was set by The Force Awakens in the States. This will be quite an interesting week for people following the MCU’s success at theatres.

According to Forbes, if the film manages more than $120 million this Friday, then the film will surely pass the $300 million mark. Once the 3-hour runtime was considered an issue but with theatres being open almost 24/7 just for this release, there isn’t much in the way for theatres to fill their seats. Thursday previews will be our first benchmark as if it manages to pass The Force Awakens $57 million it will be breaking many new records. Even if it doesn’t, the film can still manage to break the overall weekend opening as Saturday’s commonly see the numbers doubling. We will have to wait and see how many people went out to see the film tonight.

Do you think it will break the $300 million mark? Could it pass $1 billion worldwide? Leave your thoughts and predictions below!

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