UPDATE: All 32 character posters have been added.

The campaign for Avengers: Endgame is in full-force as we continue to see promotional content almost on a daily basis. Today, a ton of character posters were released showcasing the snapped characters and the returning survivors, confirming a few ones along the way. Let’s start with the survivors:

Biggest takeaway are the welcome returns of Wong, Happy, and Avengers: Infinity War-absentee Valkyrie, who was last seen on the Asgardian ship in Thor: Ragnarok, later to be confirmed by the Russos that her and a few Asgardians made their escape before facing Thanos’ wrath. There was also some question as to whether Wong survived the snap and here we have the answer. As for Happy’s inclusion, I’m just happy for his poster.

Of course, you got the snapped characters. No surprise reveals for the unconfirmed deaths, sadly. Guess we’ll never know if the true savior of the universe, Luis, made it through the snap. Some character posters for both the dead and survivors have yet to be released as of this writing but we’ll update this as soon as they pop up.

Source: Marvel