We’re in the endgame of the MCU now as Marvel Studios begins the marketing campaign for their biggest film yet, Avengers: Endgame. The internet was set ablaze when they dropped the trailer unexpectedly on a quaint Friday morning and will continue to do so in the coming weeks as more information, footage, and images show up. Today, Empire Magazine revealed their exclusive Endgame covers in which we see the Mad Titan all dolled up for his fight against the Original 6. Check it out!

Thanos has been noticeably absent from the latest trailer and understandably so. They’re keeping their cards close to their chests and don’t want details about the Mad Titan’s fate revealed. Looking at the Thanos cover, there’s something to be said about him donning armor he symbolically left behind in his quest for the stones as he had no use for it with the gauntlet in his grasp. Now that he’s back to wearing it, it makes me wonder about the conflict he’s about to face in Endgame.

Source:: Empire