Avengers: Endgame is now officially out on digital! With the Blu-ray version set to hit stores in just 2 weeks, some of the special features such as the bloopers and cast interviews have been making the rounds online. In this one particularly interesting featurette, we get a fun look at Marvel Studios’ infamous process of creating fake scripts and storylines to avoid major spoiler leaks.

This video shows us a little peek into the process of handling fake storylines for both movies. Basically, the production creates the real script – referred to as Code Red – and a fake one with varying scenes ranging from senseless to outright stupid – referred to as Code Blue. None of the fake scenes in Code Blue were ever filmed, but the measures were still taken to ensure the highest levels of secrecy for the plots of two of the most anticipated movies ever.

We get to see a different version of the opening scene of Avengers: Infinity War where Loki simply uses his magic to elude Thanos and escapes in a pod instead of his real fate in the movie: the life being choked out of him. Obviously, we’ll be getting more of Tom Hiddleston in the end as Loki is getting his own series on Disney+ in 2021 (long live the God of Mischief!)

The second scene shows Gamora pretty much walking off a 200-foot drop and giving Thanos the Soul Stone herself, even still trying to force him to stop his madness, but to no avail as Thanos teleports to his next destination. We’ll be sure to see more from the Mad Titan’s favorite daughter as her 2014 version survived and is out in the vast realm of space, exact location TBD. We also see Vision reverting back to what I can only imagine are his default settings after having the Mind Stone ripped out of his forehead, to the delight of his love, Wanda Maximoff. Even if he hadn’t truly died, we still have the highly anticipated Disney+ series to look forward to just as we do with Loki.

Obviously, these three scenes all ended the same way in the final cut of the movie, with the death of each character that survived in the fake scripts. Even as cool as it would have been, these characters’ deaths truly meant something to the story and Marvel still has plans for all of them in Phase 4 and beyond. Will fake scripts be a one-time thing, or the new norm for Marvel Studios going forward? Either way, they only add to the ever-growing legend surrounding the Avengers and their big screen adventures.

Source: Youtube