Just yesterday we reported that the Thursday record was finally beaten by Avengers: Endgame as it made $60 million in just its preview showings. Theories were still putting the film’s potential between $248 million and $292 million for its opening weekend. It looks like those conservative expectations were far off from how far the film would truly go. This Friday, Endgamepulled in $98.3 million on Friday in the States. That puts it’s total opening to $158 million. It’s Friday numbers are on-par with the opening weekends from films like The Lost World, Harry Potter, and the Deathly Hallows Part II or the film that started it all Iron Man. It has now finally cemented it’s a path to not only beat but also surpass the $300 million milestones. Even Forbes points out that it’s potential could even push it as far as $412 million if it isn’t frontloaded.

As it stands right now, Avengers: Endgame may be heading towards a $1 billion opening. Estimates for Endgame stand now at $340 million in the States and it should pass around $700 million internationally. If the film manages to be very leggy, there would even be a chance for the film to dethrone Avatar‘s $2.778 billion and take the top spot. Endgame is on course to breaking Avengers: Infinity War opening weekend by almost $100 million. Most movies hope to make as much as this film is pulling in throughout the weekend. It isn’t just fantastic for Marvel Studios and Disney, as Deadline points out this is an even that affects the entire industry. After years of speculation that overall Box Office numbers keep sinking, the film reinvigorated the industry in just one weekend. It also got a cinema score of A+, so positive buzz will push the film even further. Endgame also had a rippling effect, as it now has pushed Captain Marvel back to the second spot over the weekend with a projected $8.3 million. Looks like people that wanted to catch up before seeing the blockbuster to end all blockbuster films.

Do you think it could even go beyond the $350 million projections? How often did you go see it by now?

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