Avengers: Endgame managed to break the Internet in the US, UK, and Canada. The ticket sales went online this week and it did not take long for seats to get fully booked out. Ticket sites, such as AMC and Cineplex, were either showing error codes or hinted at an estimated waiting period of an hour to get tickets. In its first hour, the film tripled Avengers: Infinity War pre-sales even with the sites mostly being down. In just six hours, Endgame even topped Fandango’s list of resellers within 24 hours. Even the mobile ticket app Atom Tickets managed to achieve the record within 12 hours. The movie’s pre-selling tickets sold four times as much than DC’s Aquaman. Regal also reported that the first eight hours already doubled the first week sales of Infinity War. All this even though the sites are barely hanging on to keep up with the demand. It looks like Regal is also going to prepare some special events in anticipation of the large demand for the upcoming Marvel blockbuster according to their Chief Marketing Officer Ken Thewes.

“With our advance ticket record skyrocketing, we are preparing some exciting events and special offers for our Marvel movie fans. We will continue to monitor the demand and ensure Regal moviegoers can enjoy plenty of opportunities to see this highly anticipated movie.”

Some companies had some fun with the ongoing ticketing issue with tweets mentioning Thanos’ snap. According to CNN, Atom Tickets even prepared their servers for a ticket sales rush but they still weren’t even able to keep up with it. Fandango told Polygon that it was their best sales day in over 19 years of business. Managing Editor Erik Davis even took to Twitter on this film’s momentous sales.

It has even gone as far as some people selling their tickets for up to thousands of dollars. These ticket sales aren’t much different from a massive event like the Super Bowl. To add even more coverage, news sites are all reporting on what is happening with these ticket sales. It could lure even more people into the cinema’s and it might be difficult to get a seat for its first two weeks. Releasing an additional trailer alongside the ticket sale was a perfect strategy to hype up the general audience to find out how they reverse the Decimation. Early predictions already set the film at a record-breaking $840 million opening worldwide but at this rate, we could see it even break those numbers. Maybe Endgame will be the first film in cinema history to open to $1 billion worldwide? Conservative predictions are setting the film’S debut between $200 to $250 million, which is higher than Infinity War‘s early estimates of $185 to $225 million. That film ended up opening to $257.6 million so who knows how far Endgame will truly end up making.

Did you manage to get your tickets? How long did you have to wait to get your tickets?

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