Avengers: Endgame is near. Only a few more days left until the fourth Avengers film finally hits theatres worldwide. Naturally, everyone is wondering what it will mean for Marvel Studios moving forward and how it will be in comparison to its predecessor Infinity War. This isn’t just in how its story will continue the massive cliffhanger but also how it will perform in theatres worldwide. As reported earlier this month, Endgame has already broken records and ticketing systems, as people ended up waiting hours to get their hands on tickets. Early predictions already set the film at a massive $840 million opening with many wondering if it could break the glass ceiling of $300 million domestically.

With only a few more days to go, the final predictions are finally here. Presales are already out of this world with Thursday night previews standing at $120 million. Some even point to it pulling in $140 million. Deadline puts this in perspective, as Star Wars: The Force Awakens pulled in more than $100 million in its first 24-hour pre-sells, which Endgame surpassed within just the first 8 hours. 75% are driven by AMC, Regal, and Cinemark while some theatres are still trying to find a way to meet fan demand. Theatres are already offering seats for the film at 4 or 6.30 am to meet demand.

The biggest challenge that predictors are currently facing is that this is unprecedented. There aren’t many major releases that really break beyond $250 million. While there is the potential to surpass the $300M mark domestically, Infinity War will certainly be surpassed. The biggest challenge for the film is its 3-hour runtime and the lack of seats available. We won’t know for sure until this weekend ends but it certainly will be an interesting one.

Do you think Endgame will pass $300 million domestically? Do you have your tickets ready for this weekend?

Source: Deadline