Avengers: Endgame presells were absolute chaos. Within the first 6 hours, the film already beat all other films’ 24 hour presells. It managed to break one ticketing site after another, as the waiting periods extended to hours. People were not going to miss out this event of a film. One could even find tickets on sales for thousands of dollars on eBay. Endgame tickets were a hot commodity like the Super Bowl tickets. Now, finally, the official word is in on how many presell tickets were sold. Both Atom Tickets and Fandango reported that their first-hour and first-day records were vastly exceeded. Theater owners are adding more and more lineups of the film to keep up with the heavy demand. Here is an overview of how the film has performed just within its first week:

  • Endgame sold more than three times the tickets of Avengers: Infinity War within its first day. This also includes the fact that AMC’s site broke down and some had to wait up until multiple hours to get their tickets.
  • Atom Tickets had a record sale within the first week, as it sold almost twice as many as many tickets as Infinity War, Captain Marvel, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Aquaman combined.
  • Fandango reported 5 times more sales than Infinity War managed in its first week.

That is not all though. Fandango’s Managing Editor once again took to Twitter to share the massive accomplishment. There are still more than two weeks to go until the film releases but Avengers: Endgame has now topped the ticket sales of all new movies. We will see these numbers rise up as more screenings are added throughout the coming weeks. While cinemas will not just be featuring Endgame, the high demand will probably push those sales numbers. Some might be lucky to live in neighborhoods where seats are still available but as we near the release and worth-of-mouth continues to spread, who knows how many more tickets will end up getting sold. Marvel Studios might break the domestic $300 million opening ceiling.

Do you think the film will manage it? Did you get your tickets and is your local cinema sold out?

Source: CNBC, Twitter