It is amazing to think how little we know about Avengers: Endgame. Each trailer seems to give us more new footage that does not seem to really connect as it should. Every trailer up until this point teased the Avengers planning something to get their friends back. There are small hints at what arc they will be going through. Yet, the next trailer seems to spoil a major event in the film, especially Tony’s arc. We got a glimpse at the white Avengers uniforms in the last trailer but no scene of them using them actively. Now, with only a few weeks to go, we got a brand new trailer with even more footage. Something seems off and Marvel Studios may be playing us in some clever ways.

The trailer starts off with whatever plan Rogers has teased in the last trailer. They realize that they are going in with fewer people. Especially after they weren’t able to win the last fight with the Mad Titan. We get a lot of different shots of the Avengers at their facility discussing their next steps. There is a brief hint at the leftover Avengers discussing something, which was hinted at int he first trailer. Looks like the film may jump straight into the action and have them try to take down Thanos in some manner. The montage also ends on a shot of Rogers after he shaved which might have some fans of his new look disappointed.

One short sequence actually sticks out. We get a brief shot of Romanoff sitting in what seems to be a Japanese garden. It is strange that everyone is obviously in the well-known Avengers facility with the exception of Romanoff. Moreover, she has long red hair with the blonde ends. It points to this taking place much later as we saw a blonde Black Widow in an earlier trailer discussing with Rogers about the previously mentioned plan. This could only mean that their plan must’ve failed or something else followed. It also seems to take place at the same time when she witnesses Hawkeye’s actions as Ronin.

The first trailer made a huge deal of if Tony and Nebula would survive their trip to space. Most assumed they would be rescued by Captain Marvel or even Pepper Potts in her Rescue armor. It did not outright confirm their return to earth but there were enough hints. Now, they just show the sequence of Tony being welcomed home and Rocket sitting next to Nebula. Why already reveal this bit? The background shows the Benatar so it is the way they get home. A heartbreaking thought is that this is the moment that Rocket figures out that the rest of the Guardians have also disappeared.

Finally, we get to see what may be the last Iron Man armor in action. Tony keeps outdoing himself. This truly is the most comic-accurate armor that was already teased with a recent Hot Toys leak. Thinking about it, this armor must be something he has developed specifically to take on Thanos after surviving the last battle. We also get a better look at this armor in what seems to be a final battle with the Mad Titan.

After a few surprising smiles in this overall dark trailer, we get our first real group shot. It is a bit of an odd one, as they seem to be getting up after someone entered the room. Looking closely, Natasha once again has her red hair so this takes place after the Ronin segment from the first trailer. Hawkeye is visible in the room and the only ones missing seem to be Banner, Captain Marvel, and Thor. There is a good chance they were edited out, which could be with most of the shots in this film. This moment may take place after their first attempt failed so maybe it is the reveal of Banner’s new form as the Hulk. There have been hints in various promo banners but we never actually saw him in a trailer.

Finally, we get a moment between Tony and Steve. After everything they went through in Captain America: Civil War, he asks him if he trusts him. Without hesitation, he agrees and they shake hands. The interesting aspect is that we see Rogers in his Age of Ultron uniform but with scale mail. Stark also seems much older with his hair almost completely grayed out. Even the background seems to be New York from the first Avengers film. This is the only sequence that may confirm the leaked set pieces of some core Avengers traveling through time.

This is then followed by an amazing group shot of some Avengers going into space. Blonde Natasha returns alongside Captain Marvel in this sequence. Rhodey is in the back ready for combat and Thor also dons his costume from the end of Infinity War. This might be our first real hint at whatever Cap has planned. We know the Benatar returns to earth at some point but it does not match up with the other shots in the film. If they are flying out to face Thanos where are the other Avengers, especially Tony? Cap’s costume also seems to resemble his from the shot where he looks at his picture of Peggy Carter so this may take place right after that.

Finally, we get our first official line from Thanos in an Endgame trailer. It perfectly overlaps with Tony regretting the death of Peter, which also perfectly calls back to his line from Civil War. There is also an interesting contrast between Thanos’ line and Roger’s refusal to accept the death of their fallen comrades. It looks like a battle could be taking place aboard Thanos’ ship where he tortured Gamora in the first. We may also just be getting a random shot that wasn’t used in the first film to throw us off, just like the running sequence from the Infinity War trailer that featured the Hulk.

It all leads to an amazing shot of Thanos making his grand appearance. What makes it so interesting is that the way he appears does not match with his space travel from Infinity War. It almost seems like he was transported through the Bifrost. Maybe after their battle, they realize that they cannot undo what the Infinity Gauntlet has caused. Maybe, there is a bigger threat and they have to join forces against it. It seems odd for Thanos to just randomly use the Bifrost if he can warp with the help of the Space Stone at any time. Something is off and maybe this final battle that is teased isn’t actually the end of the film.

It all culminates with. shot of the big three heading towards Thanos. We finally get an official look at the Darth Maul-inspired sword he has in the promo art as he seems to be contemplating something. The previous shot of Tony slowly walking towards him without his helmet may hint at something unexpected. We also do not know what location they are currently at. It seems to be a destroyed Avengers facility or they crashlanded in his farm and destroyed it as a result. They could also have crashed Thanos’ ship and the battle continued on the planet they landed on. Anything is possible at this point.

Anything we missed that you noticed? Do you think that the trailer is hiding a lot?

Source: YouTube