The Russo Brothers and Avengers: Endgame screenwriters Markus & McFeely held a big Hall H panel yesterday in SDCC, where they celebrated the success of the movie and shared tidbits about their creative process. Among the many ideas they threw out during the development of both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Thanos decapitating Captain America was one of them.

Holy shit. That’s a pretty horrifying scenario to imagine. The idea of a Cap we’re somewhat familiar with – the 2014 Steve Rogers we all fell in love with in Captain America: The Winter Soldier – gets brutally decapitated just like that. Then again, it’s the perfect summation of 2014 Thanos’ brutality in his relentless quest to get the stones. If they actually did, it’d be one of the MCU’s most talked about moments.

The screenwriters also played with the idea of Cap being tasked to go to Vormir instead of Natasha and Clint to encounter an old nemesis.

So interesting to imagine how they’d react to each other in present day. Would Schmidt even recognize Steve? How would they even work the sacrifice out? Of course, having Steve in Vormir would mean we wouldn’t get his moment in the 70s when he comes across Peggy. Still, a pretty cool idea nonetheless.

Source: Twitter