It is kind of amazing to think that Captain Marvel is finally in theaters and Avengers: Endgame will be out in just over a month. Marvel Studios has a massive year ahead of them and Disney is very well aware of the importance of this film. As such, it looks like they used their recent shareholder meeting to showcase their upcoming Marvel projects. The lucky executives were able to get a few sneak peek on upcoming projects and, of course, Endgame was one of them. Luckily, was able to get some info on what was shown during the special screening.

The footage starts off at the Avengers compound with Captain Marvel and Nebula. There is no mention of Tony Stark being present but it’s likely he has returned given Nebula in the room. In this scene, Nebula mentions the garden, which we have already seen at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Carol speaks up and wants to undo his actions with the stones. Rocket then reveals that Thanos using the gauntlet in Wakanda sparked the biggest energy surge ever seen and the same energy surge was seen shortly after on another planet.

Rhodey quizzes Captain Marvel where she was all this time. She explains that she’s been protecting other planets on account they don’t have heroes like the Avengers to protect them. Thor gets up from the back of the room, summons his new ax which whizzes right past Carol who doesn’t flinch at all, and tells everyone “I like this one.”

The next scene features a variety of characters in space. The cast includes Rocket, Thor, Nebula, Captain America, War Machine and Black Widow. Naturally, the only two that know anything about space travel are Rocket and Nebula. He even jokes around by asking who has been in space and that those that haven’t should puke on his ship. This confirms that they are using the Guardian’s newest ship that they will use to find Thanos. There is an interesting absence once again of Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and also Scott Lang. They might be preparing an alternative plan as the others head out to take on Thanos. We also have no mention of where Carol is but she might have used her powers to fly ahead of them.

It does not reveal too much but it is certainly interesting to get an idea of who is traveling to space. We do know that at one point some members from this space team will be joining in the possible time travel/dimension travel part of the film. They may reveal that the glove and the stones are damaged so whatever Thanos did cannot be reversed. Something like that would spark Tony to find his own solution which will lead to the creation of the specialized suits. It is amazing to think we have only seen one trailer and Super Bowl spot this close to release that have barely revealed anything about the film. We may still see one last trailer to truly hype everyone up soon and it will be a long wait until Endgame finally releases.

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