Marvel Studios’ presence in San Diego Comic-Con is in full gear as more cool stuff gets released each day. Today, we have a first official look at one of the few deleted scenes of Avengers: Endgame, a scene of Thor pissing in the halls of 2013 Asgard as he and Rocket argue where to find Jane.

I like this scene better than the deleted Hulk scene they put out in the film’s rerelease. Thor outright pissing on the floors, Rocket chastising him for not knowing where to go and him making the excuse he only lived there for 1,500 years is pure gold.

But not only is it a pretty hilarious look at the other shenanigans that transpired in their visit to Asgard but it’s also a surprisingly human moment as Thor reflects on witnessing his people die and kingdom blow to bits. We also now know where Thor’s “I saw all these people die” line in the first Endgame trailer came from.

Source: IGN