Black Panther has been destroying Box Office expectations as it passed the $900 million mark and has become the 9th highest grossing domestic film. Marvel Studios started the year with quite a bang but the studio has one more major player that many believe could finally surpass Avengers‘ $1.6 billion. Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of the studios’ last ten years and it is hard to deny that the film could be a behemoth of a film this year. With the film’s new release date one week earlier, we are only a few months away until it will grace the silver screen and as such we finally got some early predictions for the film’s possible domestic release.

The film’s early predictions put it at a domestic opening weekend that could go up to $235 million with a potential total gross of $590 million in the States alone. This would make it the sixth film to cross the $200 million mark domestically. Predictions focus primarily on the domestic gross as it is too early to tell how it will do internationally. One has to consider that these are only early predictions and as Marvel releases more promotional material the hype around the film will grow. The question remains how far the film will be able to go and if it could potentially even surpass the $623 million from the first Avengers especially after the success of Black Panther. Marvel Studios has surpassed most of their early predictions, especially with their last films, so at this point anything is possible.

What are your early predictions? How much do you think it will make?

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