A recent casting call revealed that filming for Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel will commence in New York City starting in May, 2017. They are currently looking for actors that fit the following profile:

MALES & FEMALES – Any ethnicity, who appear 18 – 50’s, all types. Especially needed are people with New York looks, and also people with good character faces. Filming is tentatively scheduled for May 19, 2017. A wardrobe fitting could possibly be required in the beginning of May. You must have an open and flexible schedule, as the dates are very tentative at the moment. If you have previously worked on this film in any area, your are NOT eligible to be considered for these new roles. This is for NEW TALENT only, who have not worked on the film.

There are some rather interesting tidbits that this casting call reveals, as it seems they will be mostly background actors. They could either be people that live in New York City watching whatever will happen there, or we could also see them act as employees of Avengers Tower, which is still an important landmark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It could also hint at a scene that will bring Spider-Man into the film, as he is commonly stationed in NYC, as the latest poster releases have shown. While the former is more likely with the “with New York looks” line, but who knows if Tony is supporting the local employment rate.

It is also interesting that they are looking mainly for new actors, which is a rather interesting addition, as it isn’t uncommon for Marvel Studios to re-cast actors in some roles. having a strong focus of background actors appearing for the first time could potentially just be them trying to give unknown actors a chance at appearing in one of the most ambitious projects Marvel Studios has.

What do you think? Curious what they will be filming in New York City?

Source: MovieCastingCall.org