The numbers are finally in. Speculation after speculation, people wondered if the behemoth known as Avengers. Infinity War would make it. Would the ten-year build-up push the film to surpass Star Wars: The Force Awakens record at the domestic Box Office? Maybe it could go even higher and beat the worldwide record held by The Fate of the Furious? We finally have our answers and Marvel Studios does it once again. This small studio started off with an idea and has slowly developed one of the most lucrative franchises of all time. To think that it has all started with Iron Man around ten years ago.

Infinity War has beaten The Force Awakens record with a whopping $258.2 million at the domestic Box Office. In addition, it managed to make $382.7 million internationally. After only a weekend the film has already raked in half a billion dollars and stands at an incredible $640.9 million. This puts it around $100 million beyond the $543 million record set by The Fate of the Furious. What makes this even more impressive is that Infinity War has yet to open in China and Russia, which are two major markets.

Such an amazing accomplishment is something you do not see every day. Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige went on Twitter to thank the fans that have helped make the MCU such a massive success.

Just to think that this is Marvel Studios’ second film of the year and they are already breaking records once again. As of now, the MCU franchise has surpassed the $15 billion mark and continues to remain the most successful franchise of all time. There is still the upcoming release of Ant-Man and the Wasp which might get an additional boost from the word-of-mouth of the current Marvel behemoth or be swallowed up by the film’s hype. It will be interesting to see how the film holds over going into the week and next week, but Infinity War will most likely pass the billion mark by the end of next week.

How much do you think the film will make by the end of its run?

Source: Deadline, EW, Variety