One of the greatest joys of knowing that Avengers: Infinity War will feature many of the different actors that have appeared throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe lies in the small fact that we will finally get some crazy team-ups. There will be so many characters to choose from and the first official trailer teased some interesting partnerships, like Black Panther and Winter Soldier preparing for a fight side-by-side and Doctor Strange creating fields for Star-Lord to step on, as they take on Thanos. These were just small glimpses of what we could potentially see happen later down the line, but one an additional duo was teased during the post-D23 Expo interviews on Good Morning America.

Two very unlikely heroes from New York City are going to be interacting for a bit throughout the film. One of the two directors, Joe Russo, teased the great chemistry between actors Benedict Cumberbatch and the MCU’s newest hero, Tom Holland.

So far, none of the behind-the-scenes leaks have shown these two working together, but we saw quite a bit of Banner, Wong, Strange and Stark working together in what seemed to be a destroyed New York City. It would not be too surprising to imagine Spidey popping up in his home city.

“They both have a proximity to each other, if that’s a hint that I can give. But anybody who’s a Marvel fan would know that they both reside in the same city, and I think Tom and Benedict have a really wonderful chemistry and we wanted to exploit that.”

It will be great to see these two work together so well and it may lead to a lot of fun lines later down the line. This may also be a great introduction to Spidey’s more supernatural or multi-dimensional side, as we may hopefully get some kind of reference to Madame Web, who has been a staple of the characters long-running history. Since we last saw Strange, it would not be too surprising that he may have met some other people along his journey, or this version of Cassandra Webb could even be a part of Kamar-Taj. At this rate, anything is possible and there is quite a lot of this ever-growing universe that is still left unexplored.

What are your thoughts on these characters working together? How do you think they will interact with each other? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: Good Morning America