It’s easy to overlook screenwriting duo Markus and McFeely amidst the increasingly heavy star power of the MCU. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, if ya’ll don’t know, wrote all three *Captain America films and both ***Avengers: Infinity War*** and ***Avengers 4***. The two screenwriters sat down with Collider long with a few other press outlets to discuss their approach to the upcoming Avengers films. In the interview, they revealed one particular neat detail about how Jessica Jones Season 1 big bad Kilgrave relates to Thanos.

STEPHEN MCFEELY: What I want to point out, is that my favorite two [villains] in the entire MCU are Loki and Kilgrave, because he’s creepy and awful, but really cares in a strange way.

And he totally doesn’t see himself as the villain.

STEPHEN MCFEELY: For sure. And screen time, right? A lot of screen time for both of those characters. Chris is right, they both have these weird family relationships. So Thanos will get the benefit of both of those things.

This is one of the rare occasions where a main creative force behind the films addresses the greatness from the TV side of things. Kilgrave is truly one of the best villains to ever come out of the MCU and a big reason for it is how they really delve into his psyche and backstory. From the sound of it, Thanos will get similar treatment in ***Avengers: Infinity War; interesting backstory and a ton of screentime. TV may not crossover with film anytime soon but it sure is impacting the creative process of the film in a really unusual yet great way.

Source: Collider