The juggernaut that is Avengers: Infinity War cannot be stopped. As expected from the numbers the film has been hitting all weekend, reports are now saying that the film is expected to make $1 billion tomorrow, the fastest a movie has ever hit that number within 10 days of release. According to Forbes:

Avengers: Infinity War earned around $16.8 million on Wednesday, down 26% from Tuesday (The Avengers fell “only” 23% on its first Wednesday) and bringing its six-day total for an obscene $322.7 million domestic. At a glance, this means we’re probably looking at a $338m one-week total and, depending on the second weekend, a 10-day cume between $443m and $463m. Overseas figures aren’t in yet, but assuming a $50m-$60m overseas cume (it earned around $60m on Monday and then $65m on Tuesday overseas), we’re looking at a new global cume of $875m-$885m worldwide. So, it’ll cross $900m sometime today. Barring a fluke, Avengers: Infinity War will cross $1 billion worldwide tomorrow, boosted by its opening day in Russia and a Friday worldwide gross that will likely be a lot higher than its Thursday gross. It will become the first movie to do so in only ten days of global release.

That’s a whole lot of computing. Forbes says the only way the film doesn’t hit the $1 billion mark tomorrow is through a fluke. Say someone manages to unite the Infinity Stones IRL, then I could totally see them finger-snapping so that Avengers: Infinity War wouldn’t hit $1 billion. In all seriousness, the skyrocketing success of the film is a testament to the film’s staying power and awe-inducing ending. A select few may hate how the film ends on an unfinished note but the conversation of its impact is certainly dragging butts to the theater. I’ve seen the film 3 times so I’d like to think I contributed $25 to its success.

Source: Forbes