Production of Avengers: Infinity War and its still untitled sequel crossed the pond to Scotland last month and, according to a new report, will be taking over parts of Old Town Edinburgh over a week beginning next week. Cockburn Street, the Royal Mile and Parliament Square are among the locations expected to be featured during the several-week-long shoot that will bring some big names and a lot of excitement to the beautiful and ancient city.

Residents have been told to expect some “small explosions” in the Capitol City and will be filmed using drones. Though it’s not clear which members of the large cast will be present, residents have been told to expect “dozens of A-listers” so it sounds like Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t kidding when he said he wasn’t in the film.

We still have no idea what this beautiful town is doubling for but we’re speculating that it could be Nidavellir, ancient home to the Dwarves of the Nine Realms, given those recent rumors of Peter Dinklage playing Eitri, the forger of Mjolnir. However, in a perfect world where all is well with Fox and Marvel, we’re certain that this town would be doubling for Latveria.

SOURCE: Edinburgh News