Keep your Saturday schedule free folks as it was just announced that Marvel Studios will be bringing the MCU film to rule all MCU films, Avengers: Infinity War to Disney’s ultra exclusive D23 Expo happening next Saturday. The news comes courtesy from MCU News who broke the story. We also managed to screencap the official written announcement from the D23 Expo app.

The event is exclusive to a select few of lucky attendees so while we won’t be able to see a live stream of sorts, we can expect those kind press people to post info as it happens. What exactly will they be presented? Well, basing speculation from previous D23 Expos, it’s likely they unveil a sizzle reel (similar to what they did for Captain America: Civil War back in 2015 and something the public will never get to see) as well as a first poster and the now-tradition updated Avengers mural/concept art for Infinity War. We’re hoping that they also confirm some of the cast members and bring some of them out. Saturday next week is going to be a huge news day folks so stay tuned here for breaking details!!

Source: D23 Expo App via Twitter