Gotta envy the people living in Scotland right now. The would-be biggest superhero film to ever get made, Avengers Infinity War, is currently shooting in Old Town Edinburgh and the Scots are witnessing the glory first hand, so much so that a some videos and details from that particular set have hit the interwebs. Speaking on Reddit, one user present in Old Town divulged some nuggets he/she deduced from being on the set.

We went along tonight and found out the following: The back half of Edinburgh Waverly station has been turned into a big Green screen set, with the coffee shop, payphones, and random bikes and wind machines. The little cafe on Cockburn Street next to the Baked Tattie shop has been turned into a fully fledged kebab shop, we weren’t allowed to get pictures. There’s also a rig across the road at a restaurant: this is where they’re exploding things in the coming weeks. There’s a huge crane at the bottom of Cockburn St with some IMAX cameras (which are massive by the way). There are large lorries belonging to Pinewood Studios up the opposite way.

Even more exciting, some fans have overheard from some of the crew members that Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumonmysnatch would be present in the set to film something sometime today. It isn’t clear what this particular location is for but it’s just exciting to know that three of the biggest powerhouses in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be filming in this specific location. The Reddit user from earlier speculates that in-story, the Black Widow could be living incognito in this part of the world since her disappearance in Captain America: Civil War and that Iron Man could be there to apprehend her for her betrayal. Also of note is the historic connection of the city to the occult, which makes Doctor Strange’s appearance in this place even more sensible.

We didn’t spot anyone tonight but one of the crewmembers let slip that ScarJo and RDJ are filming on Wednesday night across the city. This gives me a theory that Black Widow is hiding out in Edinburgh after fleeing the US once the dust has settled from the whole Accords incident, and Tony goes to find her. I’m thinking he meets her in the kebab shop and then shit goes down. Seeing as they’re spending so long in Scotland, do you think one of the stones will be hidden here? Edinburgh is an ancient city with lots of links to witchcraft and cults, I’m wondering if it’s all related?

If that user’s speculation on Avengers Infinity War doesn’t impress you one bit, check out this set video featuring a stunt woman preparing for a particularly dangerous sequence wherein she gets tossed around the area.

Source: Reddit