We are only a week away from the official release of Avengers: Infinity War. That fact is still hard to believe but one thing that may not surprise anyone is that the film looks to become another Box Office sensation for Marvel Studios. Coming off their massive success with Black Panther, early projections already saw the film potentially surpassing Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening weekend in the US. The Wall Street Journal has conducted a survey to see how strong the interest is in Infinity War to support early predictions and it is looking good that Marvel Studios will have the biggest opening weekend of all time with its upcoming release.

2015’s The Force Awakens stands strong on the top spot with $248 million. At the time, the film surveyed around 33% of moviegoers ready to see the film on its opening weekend. Infinity War, however, currently sits at 45% with a lot of Social Media buzz already backing the film’s potential as another major Box Office hit for the studio. Early screenings are sold out and some cinemas have expanded their schedules to include showings at 2:30 am. In addition, the film currently outsold the combined pre-sales of the last seven MCU films that were released, which is quite impressive considering the that the studio has pushed out 18 films over the last ten years. This would also mean that nine out of the ten biggest weekend gainers are Disney films, which will most likely spark quite some debates in regard to the companies’ dominance at the domestic Box Office. The purchase of 20th Century Fox might add a bit more fuel to the fire, as this would further expand the House of Mouse’s already large line-up of film franchises.

It is amazing to think how far Marvel Studios has come in the last ten years. They know exactly how to bring an audience in to watch Infinity War. Even casual viewers might have their preferred franchise without much knowledge about the rest. Word-of-mouth is strong for the MCU, so they might at least have heard or been interested in checking out other franchises. The third Avengers film is the end of an era bringing together characters that have yet to meet such as the Guardians or Doctor Strange. Giving it a sense of finality, especially for their most prominent characters, also pulls in an audience that wants to see how far the franchise has come. Casual and dedicated viewers alike will be drawn in by such a blockbuster event and Marvel Studios is banking on it. So far, it is truly paying off and it will be interesting to see if this film could finally surpass the success of the first Avengers. It also opens up the interesting question of how the franchise will perform moving forward with most tentpole franchises either being rebooted with legacy characters or even ending altogether.

How much do you think Avengers: Infinity War will make? What are your theories and speculations?

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